Virginia Archery Coalition

 Shooters will accumulate points from points shoots which will consist of 25 targets plus one bonus target which replaces your lowest score on any of the 25 targets that day.  The cost of a points shoot shall be $15 and the bonus target will be $5.

Shooters must be members in good standing with a VAC club before accumulating any points.

Shooters must compete in at least one “Points Shoot” from each VAC club.

The six highest scores plus the Championship score will determine the final placement for Championship shoot down.

Any shooter that meets all other qualifications AND shoots at least 8 points shoots in a given year can compete in the Shootdown. 

Shooters must compete in the Championship to be eligible to compete in shoot down.

The top 5 scoring shooters plus those eligible by attendance will make the Shootdown.

The total score of the six highest scores plus the Championship will determine the ranking going into the Shootdown.  All eligible shooters will receive 1 bonus point for their position in the final shoot down. For instance, if 8 shooters are eligible and present for Shootdown, the first place shooter will start with a score of 8, second place will start with 7 and so on.

Peer grouping is not mandatory, but is highly encouraged.  Please help us promote the integrity of our sport by voluntarily seeking new people to shoot with and even those in your same class if possible. 

There must be at least 3 shooters and no more than 5 in a group.  Any group of 2 or less must be accompanied by a club representative for score to be valid. Each group must have a score keeper, arrow caller, and arrow puller.

Known Distance and Unknown distance shooters are not allowed to shoot in the same group.

Any individual aiding in the setting of the course cannot count score towards SOY. They will receive credit for competing at that club but score for the day will be 0.

ASA rules will apply for all equipment and speeds. There are no equipment limitations in Cub or Youth.


VAC classes will be: Open, Open  Known, Senior Open (50 and over), Hunter, Lady Hunter, Traditional, Youth(12-15), Cub(8-11).

Virginia Archery Coalition

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