Frequently Asked Questions 

When and Where are your meetings?

Our club meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, 7:30pm at the Chuckatuck Volunteer Fire Department at 300 Kings Hwy. Suffolk, VA 23432.  Please park in the back right of the building and enter in the back right door.  Thanks. **Non-members are welcome to attend!**

How do I join the Kingsboro Bowmen?

Joining the club is pretty easy.  Fill out the application online. A vote will be taken by the membership.  You must attend a meeting or a work party prior to being voted in.

What is a "shotgun start"?

Its a format that allows for a common start time for all archers.  Each group is assigned a target to start at - when signaled to begin - the entire field of shooters will start and *hopefully* finish at about the same time.  It really helps out with logistics of food prep, trophy presentation and timeliness.  Further it is the same format that most national tournaments shoot in - prepping those who practice for them!

During a tournament, what class would I shoot in?

We use ASA classes for our 3D shoots. 3D Shoot

We use VBA classes for our indoor championship and field shoots. Field Shoot Indoor Shoot


Can I shoot my crossbow?

No.  Crossbows are prohibited on our range.

Can I shoot my broadheads?

No.  Broadheads are prohibited on our range.

What is Field Archery?

It is another archery "game", similar to a round of golf.  You can read more about it here:

Where do you recommend buying a bow or having archery services performed?

We trust Wilcox Bait & Tackle in Newport News, VA.  They are a locally owned company that offers the best personalized, honest and valued services.  Contact Tom at 757-595-5537 and tell him that you read about his company on Kingsboro's website!

Does the Kingsboro Bowmen have land to hunt?

No.  We do support bowhunting, but we do not organize hunts as a club.

Where is a good place to find other shoots?