Southeast Virginia's Premier Target Archery Club

We are an archery club promoting the use of the bow and arrow for Pleasure, Sport, Competition and Bowhunting.  Our range is located in the Lone Star Lakes Park in Suffolk, Virginia.  Founded in 1979, the Kingsboro Bowmen have been a mainstay in the local archery community.


We are members of the Virginia Bowhunters Association (VBA), Archery Shooter Association (ASA), and Virginia Archery Coalition (VAC).  Using these organization rules we host organized archery events throughout the year.  We have hosted the VBA State Indoor Championships from 1986-1996, 2009-Present.  Regular tournaments (3-D and Field Archery) are held monthly from January through September of each year.  These shoots all have divisions and age groups to assure fair competition at all levels.  Membership is not required for participation at our shoots.